Flood protection starts with flood barriers for commercial and domestic doors as this is known to be the most common way in which water accesses a property.  Flood panels have been specifically designed as the ideal solution to prevent water leakage. The flood panel has been engineered as a lightweight, solid and removable system which can be easily fixed onto a pre-fitting frame within minutes to act as a flood barrier to a front door.

For added peace of mind and a permanent solution rather than the flood panels, are the range of specifically designed flood proof doors which have been tested against the typical conditions that could be encountered during a UK flood.

The economic impact flooding has on businesses throughout the UK is estimated to be 5 – 8 billion, it is not only the damage to the everyday items such as carpets, office furniture and electrical equipment it is also the structural damage which is why businesses are not able to keep trading.  This is why flood prevention is critical as an added insurance to making your sure your business premises is flood proof.

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