Industry Sectors


At Fire & Water Supplies we appreciate that heavy duty farming and agriculture is a fundamental part of the UK’s economy. There are numerous different tasks and operational requirements across the agriculture sector that relate back to hoses, hose reels and general liquid flow – making us a key provider of agricultural hose products.

We stock and source a wide variety of hoses and hose reels designed for the farming industry and for use with wash down, vehicle maintenance, large volumes of fluid transfer, distribution of chemicals and pesticides, refuelling, hygienic reels for dairy purposes, pneumatic tools and much more.
Originally agricultural hoses were mainly used for irrigation; nowadays they also play an important role in the distribution of liquid manure – and other applications where chemical resistance is required. Our hoses for the agricultural sector are extremely robust, and also manufactured as reinforced versions.
Our heavy duty agricultural hose has a number of benefits, including:
  • Advanced resistance to abrasion
  • Resistant to liquid manure, oil, petrol, acids and chemicals
  • Good resistance to seawater and weathering
  • Excellent resistance to ageing, ozone and UV
  • Cleaning and drying not necessary
  • Cold-resistant up to -35°C
  • Heat-resistant up to +100°C
  • Easy maintenance and handling
Our variety of hoses can be applied to sludge, water supply, dewatering and practically any agricultural demand.
Irrigation is, of course, a key part of agriculture particularly with its requirements towards arable farming. Ensuring that crops are well irrigated ultimately helps produce a healthy yield – whether these crops are for selling on or for producing feed for animal and livestock. Depending on the type of farm that you have, different hoses are more suited to the task and our expert team can advise on which hose is best for your needs. For example, non-WRAS hoses are a cost effective and flexible way of getting water to distant and hard-to-reach areas and can transport water that is not for human consumption from a to b.
As ever, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us as we also have a number of off-the-shelf and bespoke products available with orders taken over the phone.