Industry Sectors


Fire & Water Supplies work with customers across numerous sectors, including the aviation industry with a range of commercial clients benefiting from our expertise with aircraft, airports and hangars.

Aircraft fires, in particular, represent a unique challenge in firefighting due to the hugely hazardous and delicate circumstances that surround planes, jets and helicopters carrying passengers and crew.
There is no other sector with such strict and unwavering safety requirements and inspections. This is understandable due to people’s lives being at risk when aviation firms are negligent, careless or slow to respond in firefighting situations.
We provide a full range of aviation-approved fire fittings including nozzles, adaptors, couplings and hoses – in addition to some groundbreaking products such as onshore and offshore skid systems for landing areas such as helipads.
In terms of onboard safety, we offer a wide range of products including EASA approved fire extinguishers for use inside the aircraft cabin. Manufactured as a seamless aluminium container to ensure they are light yet robust, these fire extinguishers can be fitted with specific nozzles for use in non-passenger areas such as avionics bays and cargo holds.
In our product categories you will see a number of specialist and common products used in the aviation sector but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us as we also have a number of off-the-shelf and bespoke products available with orders taken over the phone.