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Fire & Water Supplies work with customers across numerous sectors, including the construction industry with both public sector and private commercial clients.

Fire safety is relevant to all construction projects, whether large or small, and aimed at all firms and contractors with a role in developing, managing and applying safety standards on site.
Our experience tells us that construction fire safety needs to be managed from the primitive stages of design and procurement and must address the risks to those on-site and, not forgetting, those in close proximity to the site. It is essential that fire safety measures are considered throughout all stages and implemented effectively during the construction phase.
The commercial ramifications of construction fires can be devastating. Year in year out, there are almost 7,000 UK construction fires and not only do these incidents put workers’ lives at risk, but can also result in expensive losses and damage both on and off site, ranging from thousands to many millions of pounds and invariably causing the project to be massively delayed.
The most important aspect of construction fire safety is ensuring full Health & Safety compliance; a legal requirement and something that instills confidence in all personnel on-site. For example, fire extinguishers should conform to a recognised standard, such as BS EN 3–7: 2004. It is also important that they are regularly checked and properly maintained. Examine fire extinguishers and hose reels at least annually in accordance with a recognised procedure, such as that in BS 5306: Part 3, 2009 and BS 5306: Part 1, 2006 respectively. Hose reels may also be used instead of the water-based extinguishers. One per 800 m2 of floor area is recommended, but make sure it can reach all points of the area to be covered. Hose reels should be of an appropriate standard, such as BS 5306: Part 1, 2006 and, as with extinguishers, they need to be regularly checked, properly maintained and used by trained personnel.
In our product categories you will see a number of specialist and common products used in the construction  sector but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us as we also have a number of off-the-shelf and bespoke products available with orders taken over the phone.