Industry Sectors


Fire & Water Supplies work with customers across numerous sectors, including the defence industry with a number of public and private sector clients.

With both fire protection and flood defence, it is imperative that you choose a supplier that you can trust. But just as important is the knowledge that your supplier can meet the needs of the domestic and global defence and security market with a range of products that are proven, reliable and compliant.

Our range of products includes nozzles, couplings, adaptors, hardware such as breechings, and a whole host of specialist products designed to ensure paramount safety and security.

In our product categories you will see a number of specialist and common products used in the construction sector but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us as we also have a number of off-the-shelf and unlisted products available with orders taken over the phone.

If you require bespoke orders or expert advice, you can contact us directly to discuss your requirements. We can talk you through case studies relative to the defence industry and can source and supply the products you need with quick turnaround times.